Are you tired of feeling sick, and getting no answers?

Have you ever gone to a hospital, only to get…

– Dismissed

– Told you’re exaggerating

– Pressured into losing weight

– Given tests that “come back normal” no matter how abnormal you feel

– Pushed into a “one size fits all” solution that doesn’t work for you

– Given pills that partly cover the symptoms, but don’t solve the root problem

Illness can come from many sources.
We look at them all.


There are many reasons for our bodies to become ill.

I don’t believe in slapping a bandage on a complex wound and pretending it’s cured. I dig down to the root cause, whether it’s physical, emotional, genetic, lifestyle-related, or something else entirely, and I tailor my recommendations to your unique situation.

An AO scanner in someone's hand.

How do I help you discover your path to wellness?

Imagine if you could get a fast, painless, noninvasive scan of your entire body in the comfort of your home, without the need for needles or drawing blood, then get a personalized, in-depth analysis of your readings from a Registered Health Nutritional Coach.

That’s how I help you gather information that will help us create a customized plan for not only alleviating your current symptoms, but addressing the root cause, so you have the information you need to create lasting improvements in your health.

I help you ensure that your body has the right nutrition to heal and sustain itself. Just as the houses we live in are made of different components, such as drywall, boards, nails, and wires, our bodies need different nutrients to build and maintain different parts of themselves.

I help you determine which building materials your body needs for optimal health, and how to get those nutrients without starving or depriving yourself, so your new healthy lifestyle is sustainable and fun.

I also help you discover the emotional patterns and lifestyle elements that could be contributing to your illness, and create a custom plan for shifting them, so they support your health instead of sabotaging it.

To learn more about this revolutionary scanning technology, and how I use it to help you create a holistic and actionable plan for your health, click the link below.

Our Mission

Optimizing healthier solutions in order to take back our health and become more able to enjoy life to its fullest, and have the energy to pursue our passions at any age.

By being healthy and enjoying life, we give others the opportunity and inspiration to see that they, too, can have health, energy, and long life.

We help people to enjoy their health journey, and find health solutions that fit their lifestyle and passions.

Health coach Deb Turner, graduating.

The reason behind my business:

I spent years struggling with Crohn’s disease, without getting answers or relief.

I was underweight, and I also had digestive issues, endometriosis, and a variety of other health problems. I was practically a walking corpse, a shell of myself.

I wanted to be a present, loving wife and mother, not just a diagnosis struggling to get through each day. That’s why I sought out alternative, holistic modalities to help restore my health, energy, and joy.

Finding an alternative way to heal my body, that worked for me and got real results, gave me hope, clarity, and the opportunity to help other people who are struggling the way I was. Now, I’m happy, healthy, and able to fully enjoy my life and my amazing grandchildren!